Windows files directly sent to your Android or Chromecast



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AirStream is the solution to all the problems you might have when connecting your Android device or PC to your Chromecast device. This app lets you send any multimedia file stored on your computer or device to your TV without you having to be in front of your computer or device. To sync files to your smartphone, you have to install the Windows version of AirStream, keep your devices turned on, and make sure they're connected to the same WiFi network. Once you start a session on both devices, you'll be able to watch or listen to all the files you have on your PC directly on your smartphone.

One of the features included on this Windows version hides some of the folders in the Android app. This ensures third parties won't be able to access files found on your computer that you want to keep private.

To enjoy the videos with Chromecast, you need the corresponding tool installed on your Android. You'll send the videos following the same procedures as with other apps, like the Youtube app, for example. This way you can enjoy multimedia content from your computer directly with Chromecast, transforming your smartphone into an intermediary between your PC and TV.
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